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Biological Safety Cabinet and Laminar Flow Clean Bench Validation


IsscoThai provides validation for all certain types of biological safety cabinet (BSC) including class I, class II (subtype A1, A2, B1, B2) and class III as well as both horizontal and vertical laminar flow clean benches. Our field technicians are well trained and obligated to pass our in-house-hands-on exam before performing any test to customers. This assures all customers will satisfy services we provide with unmatched quality!

Your Requirement: Compliance

IsscoThai delivers:

  • Traceability to national and international standards.
  • Biological Safety Cabinets are tested in compliance with NSF 49 as well as manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Laminar Flow Clean Benches are tested in compliance with IEST-RP-CC-002.3 as well as manufacturer's guidelines.
  • HEPA filter integrity and leak testing (performing the aerosol penetration method


Your Requirement: Cost

IsscoThai delivers:

  • Tailored-made testing program fits your tight budget.


Your Requirement: Clarity of Reporting

IsscoThai delivers:

  • All field-testing and validation results are clearly reported with a pass/fail section.
  • Reports are provided in both hard copy and PDF file.


Lists below are certain types of field test we provide

  • Air Velocity Evaluation: Inflow and Down Flow Velocity measurement
  • HEPA Filter Integrity and Leak Test: Challenging with either DOP or PAO
  • Air Flow Smoke Patterns Test: Study and evaluate characteristic of air flow
  • Air Cleanliness Classification Test: Particle counting inside cabinets with a laser particle counter (in accordance with ISO 14644-1)
  • Site Installation Assessment Test
  • Light Level Test: Where Applicable
  • Ultraviolet Light Intensity Test: Where Applicable
  • Microbiological Testing: With air sampler (as requested)


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