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CoilClean ILMB500GX Ceiling Tile Mount UV Air Purifier
Commercial UV Bio-Wall In-Duct
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Commercial UV Bio-Wall In-Duct

The UV Bio-Wall provides a "barrier wall" of UV Energy destroying biological and chemical contaminants passing through it.


Each Bio-Wall has 5 High Intensity 19mm Pure Fused Quartz Lamps, which are mounted to Aluminum Anodized Parabolic Reflectors that reflect the full 360 degree of Germicidal Radiation. The Bio-Wall is mounted parallel to the airstream in order to maximize the contaminant's contact time with the UV Energy


The Bio-Wall is equipped with a monitoring display built into the ballast box which includes a digital visual hour accumulator, monitoring LEDs & "Lamp Out" alarms.*


The number and length (can be up to 60" long) of Bio-Walls will depend on the size of the duct, the velocity of the air moving within the duct, the specific contaminants to be treated and the desired % kill.



 - Drastically improves Indoor Air Quality
 - Continuously treats the entire duct
 - Destroys up to 99.99% of biological & chemical contaminants on one pass
 - Available 18" to 60" Lamp lengths
 - 5 High-Intensity Pure Fused 19mm Quartz UVC Lamps
 - 5 Anodized Aluminum Parabolic Reflectors maximizes 360 degree of UV Energy
 - Digital Hour Accumulator. LED & Audible Alarm on Ballast Control Panel*
 - Available with remote computer monitoring that can be tied into the buildings automation. Included software monitors Lamp life, system status and history
 - Tested by The EPA &The National Homeland Security Research Center achieving greater than 99.97% destruction on Biological Warfare Agents on one pass
 - CSA C/US Certified & CE Approved

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